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My name is Alyshia and I’m 21 years old. I came to Victoria Ten years ago and it was here where I learned most of who I am. I was never much of a social butterfly and was very shy around others, but as I grew I learned to be more out going and learned how to crawl out of my shell. I am very much the same person as I was then, but today I am not afraid to be myself around others and I am more comfortable in social situations. I still greatly valued my own independence and I feel strongly about alone time.

I am a creative mind and enjoy creative things. I enjoy using my imagination and own creativity through writing. I enjoy books throughout my daily life and ‘am a big fan of Stephen King, and J.R.R Tolkien. Music is something I enjoy through my days as well, and the kind all depends on the mood I’m in. I am a lover of insects and arachnids, and take great interest in learning about them. I do enjoy, now and again, sitting down to watch a movie or to play a video game. I find it more appealing to relax at home then to go out on the town; it is where I feel most comfortable and were I find the most pleasure in being.

I'm a huge geek and a very physical person. I enjoy having physical contact at any time, through any way - cuddling; hugging; holding hands; linking arms, and so on. I am a proud and open lesbian, and am currently single. Im very easy going and quite happy-go-lucky, but I do not stand as peoples doormat. You might find me quite likeable and easy to talk to, so dont be shy =]
K u m a - ♥ - N a r u
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Tropical Rain Forest WaterFall = Amazing!

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