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My name is Alyshia and I’m 21 years old. I came to Victoria Ten years ago and it was here where I learned most of who I am. I was never much of a social butterfly and was very shy around others, but as I grew I learned to be more out going and learned how to crawl out of my shell. I am very much the same person as I was then, but today I am not afraid to be myself around others and I am more comfortable in social situations. I still greatly valued my own independence and I feel strongly about alone time.

I am a creative mind and enjoy creative things. I enjoy using my imagination and own creativity through writing. I enjoy books throughout my daily life and ‘am a big fan of Stephen King, and J.R.R Tolkien. Music is something I enjoy through my days as well, and the kind all depends on the mood I’m in. I am a lover of insects and arachnids, and take great interest in learning about them. I do enjoy, now and again, sitting down to watch a movie or to play a video game. I find it more appealing to relax at home then to go out on the town; it is where I feel most comfortable and were I find the most pleasure in being.

I'm a huge geek and a very physical person. I enjoy having physical contact at any time, through any way - cuddling; hugging; holding hands; linking arms, and so on. I am a proud and open lesbian, and am currently single. Im very easy going and quite happy-go-lucky, but I do not stand as peoples doormat. You might find me quite likeable and easy to talk to, so dont be shy =]
K u m a - ♥ - N a r u
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Geirangerfjord, Norway

photo by max



you know what could have been really great in the hobbit

making yet another elven female character belonging to mirkwood as a healer or fighter or whatever

and then

making a romance between said female character and tauriel, based on camaraderie, trust and a friendship built over several…

I am so going to make a Fanfiction based off this idea and make this dream come true!!

#859 "Whoever said, "It’s just a phase, it will pass", never saw RA as our beloved King Under the Mountain."


“Until one has loved an animal, A part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
— Anatole France

Beautiful Japanese art.


Fun facts about your sign here


Next part is a comic and shows what Two-bit did to Dally!








Apparently, this was the guy who was deported for being too handsome.

Suddenly, I understand.

Pretty sure it’s not just women they should have been ‘worried about’ not being able to—what was the wording? Control themselves?

That guy is hot.

I’m straight as an arrow and a Jew and I’d let him do things to me so vile they’d make Moses rise from the dead and punch me in the throat.

At which point, Moses would take a look at that guy and ask to join in.

this post is wild

I’m here for this.